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Ooba Tooba - Mex Grill

Food & Dining in Bellevue,WA

Local, affordable high-quality Mexican food — with a twist.

12821 SE 38th
Bellevue, WA, 98006
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About This Business

Just what is Ooba Tooba? Well, it’s really a beach in Brazil that’s located north of Sao Paolo. The original Portuguese spelling is ‘Uba Tuba’, but we liked the name so much that we added the double O’s and changed the spelling to “Ooba Tooba”. We made it the name of one of the fastest growing, independently owned, restaurant groups in the Seattle area.

Our menu isn't from a specific state or region in Mexico; it’s an eclectic mix of delicious recipes we've carefully chosen and developed over the years. It is Mexican food with a twist. On the menu, you’ll find fresh, flavorful, affordable meals that customers crave. From 5 different salsas made daily to grilled chicken enchiladas with housemade guajillo red sauce to grilled Portobello mushroom tacos to grilled skirt steak burritos – Ooba Tooba appeals to everyone – no matter what their palate.

We invite you to come and taste the flavors of Mexico … with a twist – Ooba Tooba!


  • "I am from the south and I know Mexican food. I haven't tasted food this good since I lived in Dallas."
  • "I came for lunch today and now I brought my wife in for dinner."
  • "I'm on the Atkins diet and thought I couldn't eat Mexican food, but you have so many delicious, low-carb options that now I eat here about once a week."

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