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Gaiaceous Gardens

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116 NE 194th St
Shoreline, WA, 98155
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About This Business

About the Owner: Jennifer Rotermund

Though my path through life has been circuitous, the one constant has been my love of the outdoors, of wildlife and of gardening. I grew up in a wooded suburb in Upstate NY where wildlife was invited freely into the garden, and I can’t imagine it any other way!

I moved to Seattle in December 1999 and began gardening professionally in 2006 for a local pesticide-free garden maintenance company. As that company’s Lead Gardener, I realized that my childhood memory of creating and enjoying a wildlife habitat in the garden was what I wished to promote and pursue as a career. In 2007, I moved to Shoreline, certified my property as a Backyard Wildlife Habitat and began a 3 year process of converting it further into an Urban Farm. That’s how Gaiaceous Gardens was born!

I’ve studied Horticulture at Edmonds Community College, Urban Farming through the Seattle Tilth and Botanical Medicine at Bastyr University. I also write for several blogs on the topics of urban farming & wildlife.



  • Urban Farming
  • Wildlife Habitat

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