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Roaring Mouse Creative Arts Studio

Education in Seattle,WA

Embrace the Creative Spirit

7526 20th Ave NE
Seattle, WA, 98115
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About This Business

Roaring Mouse was founded by Lassie Webster, who envisioned a place where all people, young and old, could learn about the joy, freedom and power of embracing the creative spirit. A cornerstone of our philosophy is the link between creativity and play. Our studio provides art and play areas which allows for a free flow of ideas from play to art, and art to play.   Through creative exploration, we encourage our students to follow their ideas into other forms of expression, and to experiment with combining ideas in new ways.  We respect different learning styles, and support the unique process and growth of each student.  We believe the arts provide the opportunity to develop self awareness and strong communities.  The mission of our studio is to provide opportunities to develop self confidence and awareness through artistic and creative experiences and to enhance communication and understanding between people. All of the teachers at Roaring Mouse are committed to giving our students the best chance to discover and develop their own creative potential and to find ways to share those gifts with the world.

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